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• Will eliminate drive off gasoline thefts which accounted for over $771 million between ‘03 and ‘07.*

• Will raise the standard for Vapor Recovery from 95% under a controlled environment, up to 100% in the real world environment. We believe this could be as much as 20-30 % ! CA, TX, WA & OR.

• Will save police departments millions spent chasing drive-off thieves. Possible State tax breaks.

• Major safety improvement eliminating gasoline spills and possible fires at the gas pumps.

• Allows honest customers to fill up without pre-paying.

• Will substantially increase sales inside convenience stores, which have dropped significantly after pre-pay has been instituted.*

• Will create a safer environment at the pumps by eliminating thieves driving recklessly while trying to escape

• Prevents thieves from removing the nozzle from an
unattended vehicle that is refueling and filling up their
own vehicle.

• Will lower C-Stores liability insurance costs.

• Can also be adapted to L.P., Natural Gas & Elect.

• No more credit card double-swipe fees!
* Data from the National Association Of Convenience Stores - see “Links”.