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• In 1999 Jim McCommons began working on a solution to the $100+ million annual problem of drive-off theft of gasoline at stores which was becoming a national crisis.

• November 18, 2004, the California Air Resources Board invites McCommons to apply for certification in CA because of the impact this design could have on increasing their Vapor Recovery levels. (see CARB document in “Links”)

• On November 8, 2005, U.S. Patent was granted.

• May 10, 2007, McCommons meets privately with Mr. George Lew, Chief of the Engineering & Certification Branch of the California Air Resources Board and Mr. Kevin Mongar, EVR Tester, who examined the
No-Go Nozzle. McCommons is told, If your nozzle will enhance current vapor recovery standards, CARB will raise its standards accordingly. That could make the No-Go Nozzle the only nozzle legal for sale in California!

• On September 10, 2007, Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP), funded and supervised by N.A.S.A. , decides to lend technical assistance to us because of the major benefits this product affords to the economy and ecology.

February, 2008, We begin modifying a Healey 900 Vapor Recovery Nozzle to incorporate the No-Go Nozzle’s locking mechanism for EVR certification in California.

• March, 2011 and July 2012, Meetings with Gilbarco Veeder - Root (Photo - see “Links”).

March, 2013 - In talking with industry leaders, we discover the need for a eco-friendly safety nozzle. We start designing.

• November, 2013, we file a Patent for
The Eco-Safety Nozzle TM that will prevent fuel spills, minimize flash fires and prevent drips. This is a major breakthrough in refueling safety.