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Welcome to The No-Go NozzleTM Site.
This is a basic description of its operation.
The nozzle operates from fuel pressure present at the nozzle handle. When the fuel pump is turned on and pressure is present, it actuates an internal ratchet assembly (via a piston) which in turn moves an inner sleeve forward inside the nozzle tube and against a locking pin assy. There is a spring-loaded outer sleeve at the end that covers the locking pin and the auto shut-off vent hole until the nozzle is inserted into the vehicle’s filler pipe. At that time, the outer sleeve moves rearward raising the locking pin which in turn locks the nozzle into the filler pipe and exposes the vent hole (otherwise the auto shut-off will keep tripping and you won’t be able to pump gas). The nozzle remains locked after filling has stopped. Once the gas is paid for, the cashier pushes a momentary switch (automatically releases on credit card purchases) which returns pressure, for an instant, to the pump / nozzle and unlocks the nozzle. The customer then returns the nozzle to the pump and drives away.

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